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We want you to know that getting yourself arrested and not bailing yourself out as soon as you can means that the situation you are in is getting bad to worst. In normal circumstances, once you get arrested and it was determined that your case is something heavy, you will have to undergo an arraignment procedure. One thing about arraignment that you have to be aware of is the fact that this will after your initial holding and booking cell placement and in an arraignment, you will come face to face with a judge as the accused. It is during this time as well that the judge will be hearing the charges that were filed against you and then, they will ask you,as the detainee,to go into a plea. Once you have plead not guilty, you case will go forward and proceed into a formal trial. Following after your case going into a formal trial, you have to be prepared in any way possible as this process is really long, it may take several months or even years from your arraignment. The judge will be the one to take the responsibility of determining whether the person accused is someone that can be trusted well enough to be freed from custody prior to the start of the trial.

Now, once the process that we mentioned earlier has already set sale, the court will then ask the defendant or the accused for some financial incentives in return. And the financial incentive that we pertain to here is what we call as the bail bond wherein the amount will most likely be dependent on the seriousness of the charge filed against the accused. Let us say, you are charged with murder, of course, we are aware that murder is a really grave criminal act, therefore you will be asked to pay a half-million dollar bail. Being the suspect, you are said to be reliable for the said amount, especially if you are not making yourself visible to court during your trial. As a bail bond, this amount is just too much for anyone to pay, hence you really cannot expect anyone to be able to afford it. So, what usually happens during this time is that those who cannot afford paying the high bail bond given to them will get the service of a bail bondsman and have him arrange the necessary things for the bail bond of the suspect. With regards to this matter, searching for more will lead you to know more as well, hence you better do so.
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