Creating a Relaxing Dorm Room

Starting college as a Freshman can be an exciting, yet scary time. Some will say that each year there is something about the unknown that makes them uneasy about returning to college. A dorm room is typically pretty generic. One thing to help a student relax a little and feel more at home is to do some decorating to make the room not only welcoming but offer a great night’s sleep for the busy days ahead.

Photo Collage

Spend some time during the summer putting together some photos of best friends from high school. Also, include close family members. Candid shots at family gatherings and holidays are always fun. They are great reminders that a break is just around the corner. Use a memo board or even a poster board to display them.

Food and Beverage

Try to incorporate an area in the space to have a small refrigerator and coffee pot. If toaster ovens are allowed, that is great too. Starting out the day with a favorite coffee blend and even a pastry warmed up will have a calming effect and feel a bit like home. The aroma alone will make a person feel like they are in their mom’s kitchen.

Stay Organized

Once classes start, things can get hectic. While this may seem like an item that should be low on the priority list, eventually it will catch up with a student if they don’t have a plan. Anytime a person is working with limited space, it can get out of control if they don’t take the time to put things away.

Appropriate Bedding

It’s good to start with a protective mattress topper. This will be comfortable and offer hygiene. Bring pillows and at least two sets of sheets and pillowcases. Then, a nice comforter will make for a bed that is as comfortable as the one at home. Plan to have a blanket on hand for those colder months.

It is a good idea to go ahead and get the planning and shopping for the dorm room done in the summer. Typically, information about the dorm room measurements and such can be found online, or someone from student housing can give the specifics. This will allow the student to relax with family and friends those last few weeks before heading out. To find out more visit